Visual Studio Code, insert console.log snippet with a keyboard shortcut

I like using a shortcut to add console.log statement using my code editor. When switching from Sublime Text to VS Code, I looked into recreating a snippet to insert a console.log with a shortcut. Here is the snippet to bind a keyboard shortcut to create a console log statement.


scrollmagic import animation.gsap and debug.addIndicators

Importing Scrollmagic without using the script but the import method made me struggle for a while. Missing plugin error, or the tween playing on load but not being linked to the scroll. Finally, I got it working with the package scrollmagic-plugin-gsap.


Test accessibility: keyboard, screen reader, colours

In all web project, we need to make sure all our content is accessible. Everyone does responsive build so the content display nicely on all device sizes and shape, but there is more we need to do at all time. Here is my little check list.