Memory game


The brief

Create a memory game using Fendi products The game has to be embed into the Harrods Magazine app (available on mobile and tablet).

My role in the project

From the design assets and storyboard I created the game.

User journey

After a short animation intro (parallax using mobile accelerometer) the user arrives on the main screen where he can play the as a "free play" (no timer) or as a challenge. There are 3 difficulty levels. The user can also review the product collection and check the score board.

Challenge levels 2 and 3 can only be unlocked once the previous level has been won. At each level, the user can save his score and share it on Twitter and Facebook.

Technology used

HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript are the key. To be included into the magazine app some extra JS files has been added, art of the app (and not the game) the sharing functionality has been created for this project.
CSS3 transform are used for the flip of cards on tap. Using Javascript arrays, we save the current active card and matched cards. Once all cards has been matched the game end. We use the time left and level to determine the score.
The scores are save on the user device using localStorage.


In November 2015, Harrods app won Best Digital Advertisement of the year at the Digital Magazine Awards 2015 this month for the Fendi Memory Game Campaign

Hired by Harrods Media to work remotely. All brands featured own the respective copyright of the projects presented.