Park assist game

Ford Focus

The project

The park assist game consist in challenging users to park their car quicker than the New Ford Focus with park assist (blue car against red car in the game).

The campaign promote different functionality of the new Ford Focus.

We created an advert, you tap to expend and play the game. Tilt your phone and try to park the red car quickly before the timer run out and without touching other cars. Once you succeed, you access to the second level. When you finish the second level we congratulate the user and send him to the ford CTA url for more information about the car technology.
If you lose we display different error messages (random "try again" or time out).

It's so addictive users will try until they succeed.

My role

From the .psd supplied, my mission, as the only coder on the project, is to build the game and integrate it into a DoubleClick Studio expandable rich media banner. I provided clean commented code, I saved the assets as light as possible. I Kept in mind the assets and copy need to be editable easily for internationalization.

Technology used

To create this game I used the HTML5 game framework Phaser 2.x. TweenMax from Greensock, HTML5, CSS3 animations. DoubleClick method to expend and reduce the advert.

In the HTML, we have different elements on the top of the canvas (loading screen, instructions screen, level, win or lose message, Double click CTA button.

Phaser provide the mechanic for the collision detection, moving the element, and getting access to the mobile accelerometer.

The result

This rich media banner game is a interesting way to create interaction with users and make them remember the brand and the new functionality / addon of the New Ford Focus.
This campaign has been made available for all the Ford international markets. Unfortunately, I am not able to say which market/country published it, neither when and where. However, this project was one really nice challenge for me as a developer.

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