Call Denis, tips and mentoring for freelancers and consultants

I am doing it! I always have been really keen to share my freelance knowledge with fellow freelancers or some friends who were thinking about jumping from the permanent stable position to the world of independent work.

I just launched Call Denis, tips and mentoring for freelancers. With this service I will aim to help new freelance (preferably freelance in the digital field as it’s where I am at the moment), sharing business taxes tips, market insight, and comforting them, inspiring them if I can say. This mentoring is something I have done with freelancer friends naturally and this year 2018 I am taking it to the next level.

In 5 years of freelancing (fun fact, I incorporated my limited company exactly 5 years ago today), I grew a nice network. I met inspiring and very talented people. I made some people happy with my work and I am aiming to continue this way.

The normal evolution for web developer is to move to tech lead, going to meetings and losing the hands-in and doing code (sometimes completely). I like to take a design and build it, animate it, find solutions to make it work everywhere, I am not ready to stop doing this.

It’s great to help big brands, knowing your work will be seen and use by thousands of users. I enjoy collaborating with agency with their projects, but I want to help “smaller” people too. Building a more direct human contact. When I work for a small client, I always feel the rewards and their appreciation of the work is much bigger than a big company using people as assets to build a product.

I love watching how agencies work and being always on the move with short contracts. Over the years, I learned a lot about small business and freelance life. I realized I instinctively did the exercise of mentoring with a few of my friends. They would give me a call for freelance advises when they needed to share some thought, or get some outside view from someone in the same situation as them to make a decision. As a result, I now started this Call Denis service to be able to help more people.

Have a look at the website and if you need some help get in touch.

Thank you

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