How to create a dynamic QR Code for an unknown destination URL

Is it possible to create a QR code (because we need to add it to a print design) that will eventually link to a website URL, even if we don’t currently have the end address? e.g. can we make one now and update the destination later? Yes, it is possible.


Save WebP google search images as jpg or png

Google web format WEBP is being used by many websites today, including YouTube, Google Play Store, and Facebook Android app. But doing a right click, save for the web give you a web. This is how to save those webp images as normal .jpg or .png


Tools for feedback on websites

Feedbacks on projects can be done in so many ways, using JIRA, a Trello board, etc. InVision comments when it’s only for the design. But with the right tool you can be more efficient.