Web tool: remove the background of a photo without software

You can remove the background of a photo without Photoshop or any software using this free online background removal tool. I found it so cool I had to share it.

It could sound like an advert haha, I am not affiliated, I am just very impressed by this little tool. I would say it’s mainly for amateurs, but honestly, it can save time to professional too (depends on the work to do of course)

Remove the background of a picture with remove.bg

“You don’t have to manually select the background/foreground layers to separate them – just select your image and instantly download the result image with the background removed!” 


Upload your photo > The website do the magic and remove the background > Download your image with transparent background as png.

How it makes the photo background transparent

“AI technology to detect foreground layers and separate them from the background. To improve the results we have several additional algorithms in place, for instance, to improve fine details and prevent colour contamination.”

If you have some little photo montage to do (I do lots of detouring for jokes), have fun ;)


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