Save WebP google search images as jpg or png

Google web format WEBP is being used by many websites today, including YouTube, Google Play Store, and Facebook Android app. But doing a right click, save for the web give you a web. This is how to save those webp images as normal .jpg or .png

Why this WebP format?

It creates much smaller file size than JPG and still supports transparency feature of PNG without much loss in quality.

It means on modern browser you will see this WEBP format. However, it’s not supported on all browsers.

1) The simplest way to avoid WebP

As WEBP format is only supported by Google Chrome and Opera. That means you can use an unsupported browser to load the image and it will be loaded in JPG or PNG format.

2) Using that Google add-on

Save them as .png with this addon: save-image-as-png

3) spoof user agent of your Chrome / Opera browser with that Google add-on

With the add-on you can trick the website to think you are browsing from an unsupported browser and it will load the .JPG or .PNG image instead of the WEBP.

Spoof user agent: user-agent-switcher-for-c

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