Tools for feedback on websites

Feedbacks on projects can be done in so many ways, using JIRA, a Trello board, etc. InVision comments when it’s only for the design. But with the right tool you can be more efficient. 

When feedbacks are only in a word document or spreadsheet it might be difficult to always understand to where they refer to. The tools below allow to navigate the website and pin comment over a live url.

I personally think JIRA is bit too heavy, Trello is great but you need to attach screengrabs otherwise you can get easily lost.

Bug tracking tool for your website development

# bugherd.com – 14 days free, no card needed. From $29 per month for a small team

Report a bug by adding a pin to the page. Track tasks in a sort of Trello board. Check the feature page for more info.

usepastel.com – 14 days free. From $25 per month for a freelance. I haven’t tried this one yet but it looks good too.

If you know some better ones, please share. Thanks!


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