Do you really need jQuery?

As lots of developer, I use jQuery nearly all the time. It makes development quick and easy. However, sometimes I work on very simple build where it will be possible to avoid loading jQuery. 

There are lots of article on the web “anti-jQuery” showing other javascript library with better performance, shorter load time, or vanilla script which does the same job as jQuery plugins.

I will share here useful links to avoid using jQuery all the time when you don’t really need it.

No dependencies plugins

I love this website youmightnotneedjqueryplugins.com with some really good plugins (calendar, scrollbar, etc.)

By the same people youmightnotneedjquery.com tells you how to do it in pure javascript

Light alternative to jQuery

Just a start… I will add more in the future.

One thought on “Do you really need jQuery?

  1. Excellent points, I find that I using jQuery less these days.
    I reckon there is a huge case for libraries such as jQuery. Otherwise people will just start writing proprietary stuff again which will have to be learnt by every new developer to the team.

    I was hoping we were beyond that ‘evolutionary’ stage.

    I have written several highly complex Javascript apps with jQuery in the Banking and Broadcasting industry and I for one would never leave home without it.

    Also as other people have pointed out – 30k is not going to sink your company. Just be intelligent with your page design. Small code is not the be all and end all of development. It seems to be a huge thing to many programmers. No – write a system that is maintainable and extendable and as simple as possible to hand on – not one with terse code no one can understand. Most systems are complex enough without us devs adding to the complexity.


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