Freelancer business insurance price increase for 2024

Every year, all small businesses need to renew or buy new professional insurance. Freelancer business insurance prices for public liability and professional indemnity went up this year. Let’s review where to get your professional insurance as a freelancer.

Professional insurance for freelance web developers

Every year, I use a comparator and buy the cheapest professional insurance that fits my needs. I am falling into the category of Computer Software Developers.

I used to pay ~£200 until now for public liability and professional indemnity, both covered up to £2 000 000. This year, the cheapest offer was over £300! To be more exact, in 2023/2024 I paid £203.45 and 2024/2025 I paid £269.65 with a £20 renewal fee. In all previous years, I used to cancel and take a new one to avoid the £20 renewal fee. These renewal fees don’t make sense, as you will get a cheaper price without, it’s the same job for the insurance service + you can usually can cumulate offers totally free to use as cashback to get some money back on the price paid. Note that it might take a little while to clear the cashback, but it’s a little cash bonus you can enjoy as personal money afterward, even when you pay with your company card.

Once you put your details online, you might receive calls from different companies. Once you purchased your desired professional insurance, tell them and they will stop bothering you. I had 2 calls this year, but I decided to keep the renewal for a cheaper total cost.

The platform where I get my business insurance is called Simply Business – I am aware my blog post sounds a bit like an advert, but you do you! However, if you use SB, we both get a little gift card. Always use your business to get personal treats! You do the work, you deserve it.

Simply Business refer a friend invitation – UK promo code for a £25 gift card

If you are a freelancer or a small business owner, you can benefit from this:

Claim a £25 gift card click this Simply Business refer a friend invitation (https://www.simplybusiness.co.uk/?ref_id=RAFXA_MHPR3910717XB2)

You shall see a little banner “Refer-a-Friend £25 Gift Card. View terms. Voucher applied RAFXA Referrer MHPR3910717XB2

Then pick your freelancer business insurance policy as you would do. Once paid, SB sends the documents, and these are the documents what you have to share with recruiters or directly with companies you work with.

If you use a Simply Business refer a friend invitation, you will be sent a unique link to a third-party vendor’s website to redeem an e-Voucher for the reward value, within 30 days of qualifying for the reward.

For my web development services, I stick to mandatory insurance. There are so many offers for all kinds nowadays. My advice is to take good care of your health (mental and physical), and your belongings. Stick to what you need to pay by law. Take the cheapest, do your job well, and you should never have to contact the insurance company anyway.

I also have my Business Amex that provides some insurance and one of my clients requires me to have an IR35 insurance.

Hope this short blog post can point you in some direction if you need freelancer business insurance and don’t want to spend too much time researching.

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