How to find a freelancer in the UK, hire talented freelancers only

Do you need to find a good freelancer UK-based? Do you run a small studio or small company and need talented extra hands for your projects? Here is my Yunojuno review.

I have been using Yunojuno as a freelance, but this article is more for companies who need to find qualified, good freelance.

Find freelancers UK

Disclaimer: This is a bit of a “promo article” as I get a $ bonus and you get a discount as a company if you register through my invitation link, find and book the freelancer.

Freelance agencies and freelance websites are all over. From Fiverr (paying nothing the less possible to the freelance) and not getting the best, to recruiters doing the hunting for you at a cost.

So what is one solution to book freelancers in the UK?

YunoJuno fees – 50% discount on your first booking

For instance, if you search for freelance web developer UK, you just can contact me (joking… kinda ;), you can put your brief on YunoJuno.

Shortlist freelance, or let them apply with more details.

Yunojuno will take care of all the paperwork (contract, invoices). They charge 9%.

Get a Yunojuno discount (50%) on your first freelancer booking

  • The booking value for this first contract must be greater than £1000 (excluding YJ fees).
  • The 50% discount only relates to YunoJuno’s fee (NOT the freelancers’ rate).
  • The 50% discount only applies to your initial booking and excludes extensions of that booking.
  • The discount does not apply if your organisation has already had a booking on the YunoJuno platform.

Read the full terms and conditions here: https://help.yunojuno.com/en/articles/4249006-referral-scheme-terms

Yunojuno fees discount - register and add a brief to find UK freelancer
Yunojuno fees discount – register and add a brief to find UK freelancer

Find freelancers in the UK. Why is Yunojuno better than Upwork, Feverr, PeoplePerHour, TaskRabbit or Guru?

Yunojuno is for “high-quality jobs from high-quality clients”

That says it all. Those others are for little extras, for people with spare time, or for clients with no budget. It’s probably very hard to make a living from these platforms as a freelance.

As crunch.co.uk says, “You probably won’t hit your ideal day rate, but if you’ve got some spare capacity you could always find some passable work at one of the following little-earners.”

Not everyone can be listed as a freelance on Yunojuno. Freelancers won’t be approved unless they have a real portfolio and professional experience, it’s not for amateurs. Unlike other platforms where pretty much anyone can register.

YunoJuno for the freelancers

You can see it as a freelance job board for the UK market.
I had 3 bookings from YJ in 2021, only one so far at the time of booking in 2022. After each booking, you can leave a review of the job. It’s a way to make sure the company is a decent place to work. It works both ways. As a freelancer, you can then show this review on your own YJ profile page so other companies and future collaborations can read it.

Your rate stays your rate, you don’t pay Yunojuno fees as a freelance.

Contracts are signed in a few clicks in seconds. No big paperwork to do once setup.

Every year there is the Yunojuno best freelance awards party. It used to be a very nice event in London. The last 2 years it was an online event only due to the pandemic.

You get paid in 14 days by YJ after your invoice is submitted. Even if the client pay later, it’s not your problem.

If you are a freelancer and want to be referred to YunoJuno, get in touch with your details, this doesn’t mean you will get approved, but you might get a little boost to be reviewed faster.

Find a freelance UK - Yunojuno fees discount
Find a freelance UK – Yunojuno fees discount

Hope this can help good organizations to find a freelance in the UK and enjoy a Yunojuno fees discount at the same time ;)

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