Pro bono work day this month for a charity or association in London

This is something I wanted to do for a long time. The problem is, I am always too busy or I can’t plan early enough… I am offering my service for your charity or association pro bono on this Friday 29th (July 2016). 

Help for your web project / web presence / advice

It’s voluntary, I can help you with your website, SEO, training, social media help, and answering your questions about digital project. It’s only one day, it’s short, but we will make it a productive day.

The reason I offer this is I mainly work for industries or brands investing a lot of money in their digital projects. However, not everyone have money to invest in digital… So, for one day this month, I want to help a London based charity or association without involving cost, just our mutual time.

I am happy to come meet you. We can improve what you have, or build something for you in one day. I can help with WordPress, ergonomic, design, static HTML/CSS website, offer training, and many more things actually… Get in touch and I will see what I can do.

I will only be able to help one charity / association.

To apply, drop me an email and tell me about you and your project, what kind of help you need and your contact details

There are simple conditions:
– you need to be available this Friday 29th (this date only sorry)
– be based in London
– be a charity or association or small business with no budget

I will select the one I think I can help the most in one day.

You can get in touch on email, or phone. You can contact me on LinkedIn too.

Thank you,

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