WordPress, how to block spam comments from binance and gate.io

Recently on a blog, we got lots of daily spam comments about “binance” and “gate io”. These are not automatically detected as spam by default. So in order to add them to the spam filter, we can use the Disallowed Comment Keys, under Settings > Discussion.

How to add keywords to spam or block IPs from commenting on your WordPress website

This screengrab below is what the comments look like:

There is a way to add keywords to the filter of spam comments.

Go to the CMS area under Settings in the left menu. Select the Discussion and scroll until

Disallowed Comment Keys

When a comment contains any of these words in its content, author name, URL, email, IP address, or browser’s user agent string, it will be put in the Bin. One word or IP address per line. It will match inside words, SO “press” will match “WordPress”.

This should do the trick. A bit less spam to manage for you

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