How to delete a form autofill entry on Mac using Chrome

Simple but useful for shared laptop, etc. Sometimes you enter a wrong login and you want to delete it from the auto-complete list without deleting all your saved data in forms. Here is how to remove one or all auto-complete text entries in Chrome.

Remove an entry from the dropdown form

For Mac

  1. Get the unwanted autocomplete to comes up.
  2. Hit fn+shift+delete if you have a compact keyboard or shift+delete ⌦ if you have a keyboard with separate delete ⌦ key (and no fn). If you have a non-Apple keyboard, shift+delete work.

For Windows and Linus

Highlight it in the dropdown list (use the arrow keys or your mouse cursor) and press delete on your keyboard.

In some cases, you have to press shift+delete, for instance if the autocomplete is in the address bar url field.


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