IFTTT is a collection of applets to connect your accounts and device

IFTTT is a library of tool working with email, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Google Drive, Pinterest and much more.

IFTTT is a collection of applets

You will find applet like:

  • Tweet your Instagrams as native photos on Twitter
  • Automatically share your Instagrams to Facebook
  • Automatically back up your new iOS photos to Google Drive
  • Automatically email yourself screenshots that you take on your Android phone
  • Sync your new Instagrams to a Pinterest board
  • Get an email if there will be rain in your area tomorrow
  • Save new photos you’re tagged in on Facebook to Google Photos
  • Press a button to track work hours in Google Drive
  • Automatically back up your new Android photos to Dropbox
  • etc…

I really recommend to have a look at it at ifttt.com


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