I finally switched from Sublime Text to Atom editor

Atom is a text editor available on MacOs, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. It’s open-source and free. It’s becoming the new most popular source code editor for developers.

I have been a big fan of Sublime text, I add shortcuts and snippets to make my development quicker. I heard a few times about Atom from other devs and I did the switch.

What I installed in Atom

I am very used to the Sublime Text theme Monokai for ages so in Install I added it back to Atom to feel more familiar with the editor.

Atom comes built with lots of packages making it ready to use without a big setup. No package control as in ST. However, you can still add more. I was looking for the ones I feel like missing from what I am used to.

Atom extra installed packages I need

Atom shortcuts I use all the time

  • Duplicate line or selection CMD + SHIFT + D
  • Cmd + K then Cmd + U for uppercase
  • Cmd + K then Cmd + L for lowercase
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