InniAccounts pricing (+discount below), my updated review after 8 years of freelancing

InniAccounts pricing update, what you get for the service of InniAccounts. Their tool, the additional cost per year, the new pricing (and a discount for new joiners).

In this article, I will review the InniAccounts pricing/package (from April 2021)

Who is InniAccounts? 
“We’re a multi-award winning, innovative accountancy practice who use cloud technology to deliver an efficient, accurate, and reliable accountancy service to contractors, freelancers, and small businesses.”

InniAccounts has been improving its platform a lot during the last few years. Personally, I love it, it’s enough for me, it works at any hour. I don’t need to be on the phone or email my accountant at all times, and that’s what I enjoy!
I sometimes ask questions by email. Recently with my Amex Business Platinum giving credit statement appeared like a refund in my card statements, and I wasn’t sure how to enter those in my bookkeeping. They replied to me explaining what to do and also connected to my account in their software to set the entries properly for me.

InniAccounts pricing: £107/month, £147/month, or £197/month, what do you get?

I wrote an article about InniAccounts before as I recommend them to friends or people opening a new limited company. And the feedback from my friends was always positive too. Recently, my friend Adam told me they helped him to close his company, as he works now permanently in a company.

This said they increased their price recently, meh. They sent multiple emails to encourage users to switch from Essential to Professional (the most popular). That’s a good marketing trick, one low offer, one medium, and one expensive. People will usually pick the middle one.

I personally stayed on the Essential plan. It looks enough for me and I can always upgrade if one day I need more.

As a disclaimer, I am happy with their service and it’s worth the price. I know too many freelances stressing out about that part of the freelance life because they have a sh*t accountant and they are not sure of what they are doing until the end of the year or self-assessment time.

Let’s take a deeper look at what those packages contain

First of all, if you have more than 2 employees, your only option will be Business.

I want to focus on the two first packages for freelancers and contractors with up to 2 employees (sometimes with one extra employee, your partner, or someone else)

The starting point you probably saw is this table https://www.inniaccounts.co.uk/pricing/

Essential (£107/m) vs Professional (£147/m)

Here is the list of what is not included in the Essential Plan:


Personal tax planner
This is a tool I have part of my essential, not sure what else the Professional would have (or if I have a mixed version because I am an older member?). It’s a nice tool, especially near the end of the financial year, to take out the maximum without entering the higher tax. But you just need to know the maximum dividend you can take, this could be done without the tool.

Real-time view of taxes and finances
This sound a bit similar to the tax planner. I think I also have access to this. I love this little widget on the home screen where you can directly see what you owe to the taxes and what’s in the bank.  

IR35 action planner
A new tool to help you make sure your contracts are outside IR35. Maybe it can help, I don’t have access to this tool and this IR35 only started in private companies from April 2021. 

Overseas trading, multi-currency invoicing & banking
If you work with people outside the UK. It happened to me to work with some clients in the US but they paid in pound sterling so no issue there. You will want this if you trade in euros or dollars. But you could have a business bank such as Revolut Business and convert everything to GBP. 

Accept online card payments via Stripe
If you get paid by card. As a freelance in digital this doesn’t apply to me…

InniAccounts pricing, the personal tax planner screenshot
InniAccounts pricing, the personal tax planner screenshot


Personal self-assessment tax returns (for two people)
The self-assessment cost £95 for one person.

Registered office address and handling of statutory mail, if required
You can register your limited company at your home address, many people do.

Annual confirmation statements filed with Companies House
This takes just 10 minutes, you log into the Companies House website, check your details are correct and pay £13. It’s extremely simple, you don’t need your accountant to do it for you.

Director and shareholder changes filed with Companies House
In the case that you add directors or remove directors. There is very little chance this happens if you are a freelance or contractor…


Introductory call with an accountant
No super important, you are entitled to ask any question to your accountant anyway

Quarterly company health checks with a status report
You can read, you see your number, you know how well you are doing, basically if you have enough work or not.

Annual one-to-one pro-active reviews with an accountant
Read their knowledge hub and they won’t be able to tell you more.

Ad-hoc tax advic
I guess this is more for punctual personal tax advice? Not sure what this is, but as a client, they have to help you with your business taxes, whatever question you might have.

Priority email response
They have to reply to you asap, it’s their job.

Startup or switch

Standard company incorporation, if required
In my case years ago, this was included at no extra cost. I would be curious to know how much they charge…

Pre-appointment accounts and returns
This confuses me or maybe I don’t fully understand it. The job of your accountant is to take care of those so… they will do it for you. 

Remember the cost of an accountant is a business expense, and a good accountant will save you money. 

My very personal conclusion (for my needs)

I tried to describe each point in a sentence, as it looks like a lot more services at first look. However, when you think about it, it’s not a massive difference.
Obviously, if you want functionality like registering your business or multi-currency, go for the Professional package. But if you are a bit of a basic freelance with nothing crazy, you get a contract with UK-based clients, you do your invoices for each, bookkeeping, pay your taxes, well the essential package does the job. And it does it very well. As I said, what I love most is that platform. I rarely have to communicate with real people but it’s good to know that I can if I need to!

I chose to keep the essential for now, it fits my need, I feel like this price table is more of marketing to get a bit more money from the users and fair enough. Everyone needs to get his money ;)

I still like them and I still recommend them.

Talking about recommendations, here is my InniAccount discount invitation

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If you have any questions or you want to share your agreement or disagreement, please write a comment!

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