Use one keyboard and one mouse to control many computers

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could copy and paste from one computer to an other? Avoiding the confusion when switching between keyboard and mouse or just not having to switch! You can with this software: http://synergy-project.org

It sounds like like I am doing some advert or promotion, but I am not affiliate or anything really. I was just happy to discover this tool and found it really cool so I share it here.
During my last contract, I build a website using my own laptop. But I also had an iMac in front of me with access to the server for to get the design files. I had to use this iMac to cut some of the design as I don’t have Illustrator CC on my laptop and I couldn’t get server access from my own laptop for security reason.

So that means cutting the design, saving assets somewhere like dropbox from the iMac, opening dropbox on my laptop to get the assets, copy-paste them in the build folder – long!
Then, I found this “magic” tool! It allows you to connect different computers (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) together and to use one keyboard and one mouse to control them all. So I could open the files from the server using my laptop mouse and keyboard and copy the text and images. No need to switch with keyboard and mouse. The best things was to copy an image from illustrator CC on the iMac and pasting it in my photoshop on my laptop all of this using my laptop keyboard and mouse as the main one. Love it!

Use one keyboard and one mouse to control many computers

Synergy project

If you ever need that check it out. There is a new paid version with a one click set up you can get from the website http://synergy-project.org, it’s very cheap. I tried some older version found on the web at first to see if it was any good. Old versions require a tiny bit set up time to configure but it worked well!

That’s it, so you know it exist and it’s a very good productive tool.

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