Vimeo url with 2 strings, the unlisted hash, Vimeo videos with 2 IDs

You can embed Vimeo videos with 2 IDs in their URL. URL with 2 IDs are unlisted videos. Unlisted videos are only playable by viewers with the full URL so you need the correct import.

What is the embed code of an unlisted Vimeo video?

For instance, if someone provides you with a Vimeo video URL of this type


The embed code will be:


Then you can add some settings for the Vimeo player colour and hide extras and this will be your iframe src:


For unlisted videos, you must use the unlisted_hash for it to work or you will get a 404 error.

What are Vimeo videos with 2 parameters in the URL?

  • Unlisted (Plus and higher): Unlisted videos will not appear in public search results, but they can be accessed and shared by anyone who has the video’s unique URL. These videos can also be embedded anywhere online. Viewers do not need a Vimeo account to watch an unlisted video.
    • Note: When you change your video’s privacy settings to Unlisted, an extra set of numbers – what we call the privacy hash – will be added at the end of your video’s URL, and must be included in order for embeds to work. 

Source: Manage your video’s privacy settings https://vimeo.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/224817847

Hope this short blog post can help or save you time

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