Review of InniAccounts, accountant for freelancers / contractors

It has been a bit more than a year now I use the services of InniAccounts for my accounting and I just want to share my thought and a little review about InniAccounts.

For my type of business
(I am a freelance web developer with a limited company) I can’t complain about their services.
From the beginning they did all the setup of my company, they always reply to my emails quickly which is very pleasant and professional. I called them maybe once or twice during the year for some particular questions and their answers were helpful.

But the best about them is just their online software tool. You never lose the track of any transaction. So at the end of the year, you don’t experience the stress of lots of freelance with papers and number troubles.
To be honest the design of the software is ok (the invoice template is quite ugly) but it’s so quick and practical. It took me less than 30 minutes a month for my payslip, dividend, bookkeeping, adding contracts, etc. I just spend about 5 minutes a week to do my invoicing, I log in, I type my days working during the weeks, attached them to a new invoice and save, then I just download my invoice ready to send.

As soon as I add a new invoice, it shows how much tax from I will have to pay. And add it to my bookkeeping for confirmation once I will receive the money. Easy, quick, I love it!

There is all VAT and other coming payment showing up a while in advance so I know exactly what I will need to pay and what I can take from the company. I also like to be able to check all the business earning and expenses in detail.
Moreover, they tend to always improve the software slowly which is a great thing.

Out of context, they are chartered Certified Accountant which was something important when I was looking for a flat, as it added some trust to my case. I requested a letter from them saying my status as a director which was helpful.

What I like:

– I can access everything I need without to contact them.
– the software: there is a lot of paying software like that on the web, if you consider their cost compare to this one + an accountant on the top, it’s a good win.

What they could do better:
providing business advice. They have a nice FAQ to help with good resources, but I didn’t read any at first. So don’t do the same mistake and read about “year party expenses” even if you are alone, about using home as an office (at least just the minimum as we nearly all work a bit at home for our business from time to time), etc.
– in their website, they mention they don’t provide pension advice

Overall, it’s really good (for my type of business – as a freelancer/contractor)

So if you are in the same position, I would recommend them. Hope this little InniAccounts review can help.

If you are thinking to choose InniAccounts for your business, get a 10% discount on your InniAccounts monthly fees using the code CA3753 when you register.

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9 years ago

Utter crap, how much did they pay you to say that. Send a mail to them and wait 24hrs for a reply each time. They will leave you out of pocket as they screw up you tax returns.

7 years ago

It is not an easy work to hire a contractor accountant because in now a days this profession has become very competitive and complicated so all contractors try their best to prove themselves. so company owners want to take care about lots of deeply things about which you have provided information to keep safe from hazard of wrong decision.